the founders team

Josef Glößl

Josef Glößl
Co-Founder and CEO

  • Prof.em. Applied Genetics and Cell Biology at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), Austria
  • Pioneer in glyco-engineering of plants for production of humanized proteins by Plant Molecular Pharming
  • Leading role in biotechnology and academia-industry collaboration
  • Former Vice President for Research at BOKU University
Kurt Zatloukal

Zatloukal Innovations GmbH

Zatloukal Innovations’ founder and CEO is Kurt Zatloukal.

  • Prof. of Pathology, Head of Diagnostic and Research Center for Molecular Biomedicine Med Univ. Graz
  • Leading role in pre-clinical development of first gene-therapeutic vaccine by pharma industry in Europe
  • Broad expertise in oncology and antiviral research as well as developing European research infrastructures
Christian Glößl

qoncept technology GmbH

qoncept technology’s founder and CEO is Christian Glößl.

  • qoncept is on the market for 5 years and provides pioneering technologies to enable intelligent processes at an international level.
  • The qoncept team consists of experienced engineers with a wide range of long-term experience in project management, mechanical design, software development and field services for project execution.
  • The projects executed by qoncept are located mainly in Europe, N- and S-America and India. The international background and experience of the team ensures effective communication with international clients, and the teammates executed projects in most European countries, Russia, Korea, USA, Brazil, India, etc.
  • The successful development of qoncept is reached and maintained by supply of high-quality services and equipment, as well as extended cooperation with the industry and universities.


Matthias Siller
Financial Advisor

  • Head of the EMEA Equities Team at Barings, UK

  • He is an active investor, drawing on an expertise in analysing business models and asset valuation, Matthias began his career in finance in 1997, is a member of the CFA Institute and holds a Master’s degree from Vienna University in Economics and Business Administration

Florian Rüker
Scientific Advisor

  • Prof. ret. for Molecular Biotechnology at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)
  • Founder of f-star Forschungs- und Entwicklungs GmbH

  • Leading expert in heterologous protein expression; molecular scaffolds; design and selection of specifically binding proteins; antibody engineering; protein engineering

Florian Krammer
Scientific Advisor

  • Prof. of Vaccinology at Department of Microbiology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; New York, NY, USA

  • Leading expert in vaccine development for Influenza and Corona viruses

  • Principal Investigator of the Sinai-Emory Multi-Institutional Collaborative Influenza Vaccine Innovation Center

Markus Sack
Scientific and Technical Advisor

  • CEO of Pro-SPR GmbH, a start up providing consulting in the field around Plant Molecular Pharming
  • Leading expert in Plant Molecular Pharming with RWTH Aachen, Germany;
  • highly experienced in designing and implementing scale-up for manufacturing of biologics, aiming at advancing new recombinant protein products made in plants by Plant Molecular Pharming
  • Pioneering of rapid and scalable Agrobacterium-mediated transient gene expression
  • Brought a tobacco plant-derived HIV antibody 2G12 into the clinic